Mastering the Art of Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is the practice of focusing all one’s attention and awareness on the food in front of them.  It’s the exact opposite of the mindless eating we so often perform in front of the tv, in the car, at our desks, and anywhere else where our focus is on something other than food.  Those who eat mindfully are better able to determine when they’re full, more likely to feel satisfied by the foods they eat, and therefore less likely to overeat.  If you’d like to change your habits for the better and start eating more mindfully, here are some easy strategies to try:

  • Eat your meals sitting down at a table rather than at your desk, in your car, or standing up.
  • Eat away from your computer, tablet, smart phone, or tv.
  • Eat in a quiet setting where you can clear your mind and focus only on your food.
  • Place your silverware down between bites to help pace yourself.
  • Chew your food slowly (ideally 15-20 times) before swallowing.
  • Use your senses to fully experience the food you’re eating – smell your food, taste it, and notice its textures.

When you make a conscious effort to eat mindfully, you’ll probably enjoy your food more and end up eating less of it – a win-win situation for those focused on weight loss, weight maintenance, or healthy eating in general.

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