Put Your Knowledge to the Test with this Holiday Wellness Quiz

The WellMASS blog will be taking a break for the holidays during the next two weeks, but before we sign off for the year, let’s have some fun.  Below are ten holiday-themed trivia questions that will put your wellness smarts to the test (answers are at the bottom of this post).  Thanks for supporting WellMASS this past year – see you in 2016!

  1. It would take one hour of which activity to burn off the calories contained in three gingerbread men?
    a.  Shoveling snow
    b.  Downhill skiing
    c.  Chopping wood
    d.  Any of the above 
  1. Which holiday beverage is lowest in calories?
    a.  Hot chocolate
    b.  Hot buttered rum
    c.  Champagne
    d.  Eggnog
  1. How many pounds does the average American gain over the holidays?
    a.  Less than one
    b.  2-3
    c.  5-7
    d.  More than ten
  1. Which holiday side dish typically has the lowest glycemic index?
    a.  Mashed potatoes
    b.  Sweet potato casserole
    c.  Roasted carrots
    d.  Green bean casserole
  1. Which latke (potato pancake) topping has the fewest calories?
    a.  Sour cream
    b.  Plain Greek yogurt
    c.  Unsweetened applesauce
    d.  Smoked salmon
  2. Which of these strategies has been proven to help you eat fewer calories during a holiday meal?
    a.  Filling half your plate with veggies
    b.  Using a bread plate instead of a dinner plate
    c.  Drinking water with your meal
    d.  Skipping breakfast the morning of the big meal
  3. Which of these can be used as a substitute for butter in most cookie recipes?
    a.  Applesauce
    b.  Canola oil
    c.  Mashed avocado
    d.  Greek yogurt
    e.  All of the above
  1. Which fruit is not in season in December?
    a.  Clementines
    b.  Grapefruit
    c.  Cranberries
    d.  Pears
    e.  Persimmons
  1. Which vegetable is not in season in December?
    a.  Butternut squash
    b.  Kale
    c.  Brussels sprouts
    d.  Turnips
    e.  Leeks
  1. Which holiday color scheme is most likely to stimulate appetite?
    a.  Blue
    b.  White
    c.  Green
    d.  Red
    e.  Gold


Answers:  1.d; 2.c; 3.a; 4.c; 5.c; 6.d; 7.e; 8.c; 9.a; 10.d


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