Eating Healthy at…Chinese Restaurants

Who can resist Chinese takeout?  Although it may be tempting to stick with your usual order of fried chicken fingers and lo mein whenever a craving for Chinese food strikes, you will probably feel just as satisfied, if not more so, by employing a new ordering strategy:

  • Start your meal off with a filling cup of soup; studies show that consuming broth-based soup at the start of a meal will result in fewer calories eaten overall.
  • Choose steamed vegetables, without any added oils or sauces. Many Chinese restaurants sauté their vegetables in oil and then top them off with a sugary or oily sauce, which increases their calorie count and lowers their nutritional value.
  • Ask for brown rice, instead of white rice, on the side – it naturally contains more fiber and protein, which will help fill you up.
  • Opt for grilled or steamed meats rather than those that are breaded and fried. Sure, sweet and sour chicken tastes good, but it’s full of unnecessary calories.
  • Condiments like soy sauce tend to be very high in sodium, which can leave you with an unpleasant bloated feeling, not to mention an increased risk of developing high blood pressure if you consume high-sodium foods regularly.  Choose Chinese mustard, duck sauce, or chili sauce instead of soy sauce to keep sodium levels in check.

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