Are You Ready to Eat for the Health of It?

Since nutrition is such a popular topic among state employees, the WellMASS program has decided to offer a number of tools and resources to help you learn how to eat healthier.  The WellMASS blog, Lunch ‘n Learn seminars, webinars, and monthly newsletters are just some of the ways in which we can help you expand your nutrition knowledge base.  I’m excited to announce that we have added yet another nutrition resource to our program, as this week marks the beginning of Eat for the Health of It, our new online nutrition challenge.  Eat for the Health of It is a six-week challenge that will help you develop the skills that lead to making healthier food choices.

Registration for Eat for the Health of It opened on Monday; your six-week challenge starts the day you register.  Registration is open until March 1, so you can sign up and begin the challenge any time before that date.  When you register for Eat for the Health of It, you’ll receive nutrition tips that will help you:

  • Identify how eating more fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and some cancers
  • Eat for a healthy weight
  • Eat healthy on the run
  • Navigate the grocery store
  • Prepare and cook healthier meals at home

You’ll also be able to track your daily intake of fruits and vegetables and challenge your co-workers to improve their own eating habits.  The fruits and veggies tracker is a great feature of this challenge, as studies have shown that tracking food intake can help improve eating habits and prevent weight gain.  By tracking your fruit and veggie intake in the Eat for the Health of It challenge, you’ll also receive another nice incentive – if you track produce intake three days a week for all six weeks of the challenge (and complete a challenge post-assessment), you’ll be entered into a raffle for one of four $200 gift cards to the grocery store of your choice.

If you are a GIC-insured employee of the Executive branch, Legislative branch, or a Constitutional Office, you can register for Eat for the Health of It by logging onto the WellMASS portal at and clicking onto the Eat for the Health of It challenge icon on the portal homepage or under the Programs tab.    I encourage you to log onto the portal today and sign up for this fun new challenge.  And whether you choose to participate or not, you can count on the WellMASS blog to bring you additional nutrition tips throughout the duration of the challenge.


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