The WellMASS Health Questionnaire Is Here – Take Yours Today!

This week marks the launch of the new and improved WellMASS Health Questionnaire. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be providing you with information about the Questionnaire and the exciting new features of the GIC’s WellMASS wellness program. To start, I’ll answer a question I often get asked: “What is the Health Questionnaire, and why should I take it?”

The Health Questionnaire, or HQ, is a 10-minute assessment that provides you with a snapshot of your current health status and resources to take charge of your own health and wellness. The Health Questionnaire asks you a series of questions related to health behaviors such as nutrition, stress, and physical activity and provides you with personalized recommendations based on your results. In addition to the incentives you can earn just by taking the HQ (more on those next week), you’ll benefit from taking it in the following ways:

  • You’ll receive a wellness “score” and see how you rate nationally with others your same age and gender
  • You’ll discover your top 3 wellness priorities
  • You will be provided with health recommendations unique to you
  • If you took the WellMASS Health Assessment in the past, you can take it again this year to see how you’ve improved from year-to-year
  • Based on your results, you may qualify for free telephonic or mail-based health coaching
  • You’ll have access to the other great information on the WellMASS portal, including online classrooms, a prescription drug database, and wellness-related tools and calculators

The WellMASS Health Questionnaire is available to GIC-insured employees of the Executive and Legislative Branches and Constitutional Offices. It can be accessed by going to on your computer or smartphone. Since it only takes 10 minutes, it’s easy to take anytime, anywhere, so why wait? Take yours today to take the first step toward better health!


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