Delores Takes 10: Getting into the Swing of Things

By Guest Blogger Delores Collins, DTA

Well, I made it through Week 1 of the Take 10! Challenge, and it was not too bad, although there were a couple of days where I was lazy and didn’t do all of the exercises.  Most of the participants at my agency seem to be enjoying the Challenge. Some of us even got other family members to exercise with us.  A few of us forgot there are 7 days in the week and only worked out for 5 days.  Oops.

Week 2 started off good; we as a group have a new attitude to do better this week.  The bonus attraction for Weeks 2 and 3 is that participants also get to play a board game called PoKeNo. Since we have 25 people participating in Take 10!, I split the game into two segments –  half will play this week, and the rest will play next week. Prizes for the winners will be awarded on May 30 to coincide with the last day of the Challenge.  I hope the game will be a nice incentive to keep participants motivated.

Stay tuned for next week to see how we’re doing!


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