Nancy Minus 25: Being “Strong, Smart, and Bold”

By Guest Blogger Nancy Ayapan, DCF

One of my first jobs out of college was working for Girls Incorporated of Greater Haverhill; this week I am using their motto of encouraging girls to be, “Strong, Smart, and Bold.” The reason for this is that throughout this week, I have found myself being all of those three words:

STRONG because I have found myself being strong-minded and really staying true to my word – and to myself – by not eating large portions. You see, I don’t know about you, but I have a husband who is skinny, eats whatever he wants without gaining weight, and on top of that he eats snacks late at night (I really don’t like him sometimes). He is also someone who loves his big servings of arroz, habichuelas, y carne (rice and beans with meat) every night for dinner, with a glass of soda and dessert (of course). Well, needless to say, he does not need be on a weight loss diet at this time, but I made it very clear to him that I do (after all why should he be punished?). Even though he is very supportive, I have to tell you that I feel so proud of myself, because not only I am now able to sit and enjoy dinner together, but I can do it with him with his big servings, eating everything he wants and then some, and still be happy with my portioned healthy meal that keeps me feeling full, but also very satisfied.

SMART because I found myself making smart choices when tempted to eat badly. For example, the weekends are extremely difficult for me because I am surrounded by the crazy busy-ness of my children and my nieces and nephews, and nothing is more easy and convenient than going to McDonald’s for lunch or dinner. Let’s face it, how can I resist having a delicious french fry or two or three? However, my sister and I have teamed up in taking care of ourselves, as she has seen the great results I have achieved just by staying away from fast food, so now we are both making better choices for ourselves and our kiddos.

BOLD because I felt confident in saying to my husband, “No honey, I will not have chips and salsa and Oreo cookies for a snack before going to bed.”  And in saying, “No,” as I am being offered bread (from Tripoli Bakery, the best!) or homemade brownies or any other leftover desserts that appear at work from time to time. You see, I work in a place where there are lots of luncheons, baby showers, birthdays, and many other celebrations which are all so nice, but not helpful in losing weight.  However, just last Friday, when I was at a luncheon, I was able to serve myself one plate with healthy choices while feeling that I did not need to go back for seconds and did not need to have more than I could handle, because at the end of the day, I am the only one responsible for what I put in my mouth.

Please don’t get me wrong, there are weekends that I have failed in being Strong, Smart, and Bold; however, this week was a successful week for me, and cheers to many more!


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