Nancy Minus 25: A Simple Tool That Keeps Me Going Every Day

By Guest Blogger Nancy Ayapan, DCF

“IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, THEN YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE.”  This is the way I begin the email I send to the Weight Loss Challenge participants in our office reminding them about our weekly meeting and providing them with information for the week. You see, inspirational quotes and notes, other people’s testimonials, daily affirmations, positive thoughts, and positive reinforcements and comments from others are my biggest motivators in life. Since quotes motivate me to keep going, I love to share them with others. I specifically feel that this applies during this Weight Loss Challenge, because I realized that a big part of being successful at losing weight starts in my mind.

With that being said, when I joined this Challenge, I proposed to myself that decreasing my caffeine intake, decreasing unhealthy snacking, eating more vegetables, and exercising more were key components to losing weight. The big question was, “How do I do these things?” Well, you may think I am crazy, but one of the first things I do when I get up is check Facebook and read the inspirational posts from people like Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Living the Law of Attraction / The Secret, and Power of Positivity, and that sets my day and helps keep me focused. I also have to thank my mother for continuing to say, “Wow Nancy, I am so proud of your weight loss thus far; you look great!” Though she is my mother and mothers are sweet as pie and tell us what we want to hear, I know she means it and she is being honest, since she is the first one to let me know when I am gaining weight.

I also keep hearing and reading that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, and even though not drinking 3-4 cups of coffee with sugar and eating crackers with mayonnaise and ketchup (I know it sounds gross, but I love my ketchup with everything) is difficult, I am hoping that creating new habits will come with time. Reading motivational quotes, in combination with having the mantras of “one day at a time”, and “yes I can,” is helping me get through those days when I really want to break down and eat everything in sight. Since I have also realized that I am an emotional eater, I know that being emotionally and mentally well is only going to help me reach my weight loss goal.


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