Nancy Minus 25: Fifteen and Counting…

By Guest Blogger Nancy Ayapan, DCF

Fifteen was the number of people that showed up at our Weight Loss Challenge informational meeting with WellMASS Program Manager Ashley Rasmussen Mason last Wednesday during our lunch time. Now that is commitment and dedication! It tells me that others like me want to make a change and want this year to be different when it comes to our health. What was amazing to me was the fact that there were members of other agencies, not just DCF, in attendance. There were employees from DTA, DMH, DDS, MRC and OCD. Talk about the power of word of mouth!

This year I am very excited about trying something new with our weekly Challenge meetings. That is, having a different speaker each week to help us stay on track, inform us about how to stay healthy, and most importantly, help us stay motivated in achieving our weight loss goals. I was inspired to do this by speaking with a co-worker who has been an aerobics instructor and who said to me, “Nancy, I have taught aerobics classes to children and residents at nursing homes. I have taught them to move, step, jump in place, and use cans of beans or soups as weights for strengthening exercises; it’s that simple.” Then I thought, if they can do it, we can do it – all we need is to show up with our sneakers and an open mind. As a result, our first speaker will be Paula the aerobics instructor. Stay tuned for info on upcoming speakers.

I have to say that I could not have started this alone. I feel that similar to writing a book, I need to acknowledge those that have helped get this challenge off to a great start. Thank you Ashley for your flexibility and always being willing to come to our site and answer any questions we have. Thank you Pam Kelly and Isabel Hernandez, who I know are incredibly busy with work but are always willing to help; it means a lot. Most importantly, I would like to thank those who signed up for the challenge, since they are my motivation to complete this challenge.


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