Nancy Minus 25: Getting Ready for the Weight Loss Challenge

Over the next few weeks, Wellness Champion Nancy Ayapan of the Department of Children and Families will be sharing her experience participating in the WellMASS Weight Loss Challenge.  Visit the blog every Wednesday to learn about Nancy’s successes and struggles in trying to reach her goal of losing 25 pounds.  Feel free to share words of encouragement or your own experiences with the Challenge in the Comments section.

“Excellent job so far Nancy in having lost 50 pounds and getting closer to your weight loss goal. However, in order to feel your ultimate best, have a normal BMI, lower you bad cholesterol level, and not be at risk of getting diabetes (which runs in your family), you would need to lose 50 more pounds in order to be at your ideal weight of 150 pounds.”  These were the words and recommendations of my primary care physician as we completed my annual physical the other day. She stated that technically, I should weigh 135 pounds, but because I have “big bones” and am tall, 150 pounds is my “ideal” weight. Even though I felt encouraged and optimistic about having already lost 50 pounds, I also felt overwhelmed in thinking, “How in the world am I going to lose 50 additional pounds?”

To start, I realized that setting realistic goals is so important, because losing 50 pounds in a short amount of time is setting myself up for failure. However, losing 25 pounds is a much more attainable goal. I also realized that participating in a weight loss program or challenge would help me be accountable for my eating and exercise habits, which would in turn help me lose weight.  In addition, having the support of others and hearing how they have the same struggles that I have would also be helpful and encouraging.

Having said all this, I am committed to joining the 2014 WellMASS Weight Loss Challenge with the help of WellMASS Program Manager Ashley Rasmussen Mason. I know that participating in the challenge last year helped me a great deal, and it provided me with the tools I needed to continue to maintain my weight throughout the year. I am also committed to blogging my struggles, as well as my successes, in my endeavor of losing 25 pounds. I am thrilled about being chosen to write a blog every week, because writing my goals down makes them seem real and attainable. Most importantly, in 2014, more than ever, I want to follow through with my word and prove to myself that if others can do it, so can I!

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