Stay in Shape This Winter Without Leaving Home

Cold, snowy, windy winter weather can easily deter even the most avid exerciser, but what’s going on outside doesn’t have to be an excuse not to exercise if you have the right equipment inside your home.  I’m an advocate of building up a home “gym” for a number of reasons, the most important being that there is no excuse not to exercise when everything you need to do so is right in front of you.  If you work out at home, you don’t have to factor in travel time to and from the gym, so it’s easy to fit in one or more quick workouts throughout the day.  Home exercise is also a lot more cost effective than joining a gym, since you only need to pay for your home equipment; once it’s purchased, that’s it – there are no monthly fees or major upkeep charges. 

The obvious choices for home workout equipment – treadmills, stationary bikes, and rowing machines, can be pricey and take up quite a bit of space.  All of the equipment I recommend here is inexpensive, cost-effective, and can easily be stored in even the tiniest of apartments (I speak from experience on this last point).  Choose one or more of these items, and you’ll soon be incorporating exercise into your daily routine, no matter the weather.

Exercise Videos

–      Come in a variety of formats:  different lengths of time, types of routines, activity levels
–      Prices range from $5 to $25


–      Consider an assortment of 2-, 5-, 10-, 12-, 15-, and 20-pound dumbbells
–      $15 to $25 per set

Stretching mat

–      Choose one with a comfortable cushion that’s long enough for your body.
–      Costs about $40

Jump rope

–      Great cardio workout
–      A good jump rope costs about $10, although you can buy one for as little as $1!

Step bench

–      Perfect for a great cardio or strength training workout
–      Cost ranges from $50 to $100

Resistance band

–      An alternative to dumbbells
–      Provides a good strength workout for the upper and lower body
–      A set of varying resistance costs about $12

Therapy ball

–      Can be used in a variety of flexibility, strength training, and balance exercises
–      Great for stretching, sit-ups, pushups, overhead presses, and many more
–      Costs about $30




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