Jacki’s Journey – A Relaxing Week 2

So here we are on the third week of the Stress Less Challenge.  Is everyone finding the challenge easy to follow?  I have to admit, some days are harder than others (especially when you sit in traffic!).  I find I talk to myself more; that is, I say, “Don’t let this stress you out.  Breathe.”  Taking that breath makes all the difference some mornings when I’m navigating city traffic.

Last week I mentioned I was going to try different techniques for stress reduction.  My newest find – Lavender!  Oh, the wonderful, calming scent of lavender!  Lavender has a fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing.  It is a great aid for relaxing and winding down before bedtime.  Just a small bit of lavender oil yields relaxation in abundance.  Try putting just a few drops on your pillow at night and you will be lulled into a relaxing sleep.  I have tried this a few nights myself.  I am happy to report it really does work.  You might want to try putting a lavender-scented plug-in in your work space to keep you calm throughout the day.

This week, I also learned some more about what stress management techniques do and do not work for me.  Listening to a relaxation CD does not work for me.  I found it didn’t keep my attention long enough.  I would actually tune out the CD and not pay attention.  I think my multitasking efforts have foiled me on this one.  I do find when I am using a yoga DVD, the tone of the voice of the instructor is very calming.  Maybe I am just not ready for the CD technique yet. 

Would you believe raking leaves actually helped me relax?!  I love being outside anytime of the year.  I think the combination of the fresh air, the beautiful colors of the leaves, and the scent of fall in the air made a wonderful combination for relaxation.  Plus, this accounted for many hours of physical activity to help release loads of endorphins!

Where will the next week take me in this challenge?  I think with the holidays coming up it might be time to schedule some “me time” with myself.  I’m already running around preparing for Thanksgiving.  I think I need to schedule some time to do something fun and relaxing for me.  I also suggest you do the same for yourselves before we are full swing in holiday preparations!  Here’s to a successful third week of less stress for all of us! 




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  1. HI Jacki! It was nice reading your blogg today and could not agree with you more about the essential oils / aromas. I too along with 20 other co-workers began the challenge and I am glad I did it. I do find myself looking forward to finding ways to be less stressed. Cheers to us!!

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