The Group Insurance Commission Celebrates Summer with a Healthy Cookoff

Instead of one Healthy Ingredient of the Week, today I am spotlighting a multitude of healthy recipes, courtesy of some very talented GIC employees.  Below is a summary of the GIC’s recent Healthy Potluck Cook-off, courtesy of one of the participants:

Ingredients for an indoor picnic:  start with good food, add good company, blend, enjoy.  The GIC held a cook-off challenge on July 18th based on the theme of healthy summer food.  Dishes were judged on presentation, nutritional value, creativity, and taste. 

We’re pretty sure a couple of people pulled their punches on the healthy theme while others pulled out all the stops to go healthy.  The dishes covered the full range of savory to sweet and the array of salads, entrées, and desserts made a perfect picnic. There was even homemade ice cream and sorbet! 

The food

The food

The full menu:

Garden tomatoes with mozzarella & balsamic dressing
Pasta salad with eggs, celery, & olives
California Roll salad with brown rice, seafood, avocado, cucumber, rice wine vinegar & soy dressing
Balsamic chicken with red & yellow peppers
Slow carb black bean brownies
Lemon squares
Honey dipped figs with goat cheese
Mango ice cream & basil sorbet

Hungry yet?   Click here to see the recipes! 

Hungry participants

Hungry participants

 Many thanks to the cooks who shared favorite recipes and experimented boldly with new ones:  Melodie Pharms, Roberta Ricci, Judy Settana, Yvette Fernandes, Karin Eddy, Dana Bushell, Liz Layton, and Kathy Glynn.  Thanks also to cook-off judges Leslie English, Leslie Seifried, Carole Harris, and Ashley Rasmussen, who tried each dish and voted for the honey dipped figs and cheese. 

The judges (l-r):  Leslie Seifried, Ashley Rasmussen, Carole Harris, Leslie English

The judges (clockwise from top left: Leslie Seifried, Ashley Rasmussen, Carole Harris, Leslie English

We invite you to try a cook-off in your agency or department – it’s a tasty way to enjoy your lunch break.


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