Get a History Lesson – and Some Exercise – on the City Statues and Sculptures Walk

Boston employees are fortunate enough that several Wellness Champions who work in the city have taken the initiative to organize weekly lunchtime walks.  These walks are a great opportunity to get some exercise during the lunch hour, while making new friends in the process.  For those of you who would also like a little history lesson with your walk, Department of Career Services Wellness Champion Leslie Seifried will be holding a series of lunchtime City Statues and Sculptures Walks throughout the month of July.  Every Wednesday at noon, Leslie’s walks will meet in the main lobby of the Hurley Building (located at 19 Staniford Street) and travel to local landmarks such as the Make Way for Ducklings and George Washington statues in the Common; the Paul Revere Statue in the North End; and the Irish Famine Memorial downtown.  Along the way, Leslie will provide information on the history and significance of each statue and sculpture.  If you’re interested in joining one of Leslie’s walks (I know I am!), she can be contacted at 617-626-5267.  Use the nice weather and the chance to learn more about the city you work in as an opportunity to get outside – and get healthy – during your lunch break.


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