Challenge Yourself to Kick Your Habit

November is often the month during which smoking cessation is most heavily promoted – the Great American Smokeout, held annually on the third Thursday of that month, challenges smokers to use that day to quit, or at least set a quit date.  November has come and gone, and many smokers are still trying to quit.  There is nothing wrong with picking a random day to kick your habit, so why not choose a day in March?  If you choose to quit smoking, or other bad habits such as drinking too much, challenge yourself to take smalls steps toward doing so.  Small, realistic goals are easier to keep and stick with, so you’re less likely to feel defeated and give up your quest to quit if you choose something that’s easily achievable.  Try and complete at least one of these goals every day this month, and you may find that you’ve become a successful “quitter” before April 1:

  • I left my lighter or matches at home.
  • I drank a full, 8-ounce glass of water in between each cocktail.
  • I called a cab at the end of an event to get a safe ride home.
  • I had juice, soda, water, or coffee instead of alcohol at an event.
  • I wore or brought and used my NRT product today.
  • I chose to only consume the legal limit of alcohol and no more.
  • I made sure my cocktail was served on ice, had no more than 1 shot of liquor in it, and was mixed with a juice, water, or soda.
  • I only drank 1 or 2 low-alcohol beers (3.2% or less) instead of regular beer. 
  • I made sure to eat a full meal before I started drinking. 
  • I kept myself busy by talking or dancing to be less tempted to drink or use tobacco products.
  • I put my tobacco products in the trunk to make it more difficult to use them at an event or in my vehicle.
  • I appointed a designated driver who was responsible. 
  • I brought and chewed gum when tempted to use tobacco. 
  • I kept my hands busy by playing cards or eating a healthy snack instead of picking up a cocktail or cigarette.

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