Keep Stepping It Up with a Walking Group

As many of you know – especially those who participated in last fall’s Step It Up! walking campaign, walking is one of the easiest ways to get your recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity.  Although most of us probably prefer walking when it’s warm and sunny out, with a little bit of creativity, walking really can be an all-weather activity. 

Last September, when our Step It Up! kickoff event was almost derailed by rainy weather, Wellness Champion Eleice Latham of HRD came up with the brilliant idea of walking the McCormack Building garage.  Since then, Eleice and her colleague Su Almeida have made a habit of walking around the garage during their lunch breaks, adding a lap each week.  Eleice and Su would like to invite any interested employees located in the McCormack Building or nearby to join them for a walk around the garage – it’s a great way to add some extra steps to your day and meet people who work in the building. The group will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30 on the 4th floor of the garage, and anyone who is interested in joining can contact Eleice at   Reminder flyers will be posted near the elevators.

If you don’t work near the McCormack Building or are unable to join Eleice or Su on their walks, you might want to consider starting a walking group at your agency.  Groups can be an informal way to stay active during the work day and make new friends at your worksite.  You’ll also have that built-in sense of accountability that will keep you on track with you physical activity goals.  If you have access to an indoor space like a garage, you’ll be able to walk with your group in hot or cold weather, rain or shine, ensuring that you stay active all year long.


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