The WellMASS Weight Loss Challenge is Coming

The holiday season is in full swing, which usually means lots of eating, drinking, and being merry.  Indulging in all of the treats of the season can easily pack on extra pounds, leaving you feeling a little bit heavier in 2013.  It’s admittedly very hard to maintain or lose weight during this time of year, but the start of a new year provides a great opportunity to work hard to lose the pounds you gained during the holidays, and then some, by making a New Year’s resolution to eat right, exercise more, and achieve your weight loss goals.  WellMASS is here to help you every step of the way, thanks to a new weight loss challenge toolkit we created to aid state employees in safely losing 1-2 pounds a week for six weeks.  

The challenge will be run on an agency level, and can be done individually or as part of a group.  This means that you’ll receive information about the challenge from your agency’s Wellness Champion or GIC coordinator and can challenge yourself to lose weight on your own or as part of a group of fellow challenge participants within your agency.  By signing up for the challenge, you’ll receive all the tools and information you need to track and achieve your weight loss goals.  The challenge will be open to all state employees, regardless of whether or not they receive their health insurance through the GIC, and more information will be made available to you by your agency’s Wellness Champion or GIC coordinator in early January.  This blog will also have information on the challenge and additional weight loss tips, so make sure to check back regularly.  In the meantime, here are some strategies from StayWell Health Management for keeping the weight off during the holidays:

• Bring a veggie tray to share at a holiday potluck.
• Bake or grill your holiday turkey, instead of deep-frying it.
• Pack healthy snacks when you travel away from home.
• Avoid the goodies your coworkers bring to the office.
• Eat a small slice of pumpkin pie instead of a pie higher in fat.
• Take only one serving of foods you truly enjoy.
• Choose not to eat the gravy on turkey and potatoes.
• Go outside to do yard work for 30 minutes.
• Make a low-fat salad or Jell-O® to share as a side dish.
• Make a sandwich using whole-grain bread instead of white bread.
• Go for three, 10-minute walks during the day.
• Send leftovers home with family and friends – including the pie!
• Serve wine and light beer instead of high-calorie liquors.
• Drink water at every meal.
• Choose something healthy to eat at a fast food restaurant.
• Make sure to eat a nutritious breakfast.
• Skip dessert and late night snacks.


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