Healthy Ingredient of the Week – Water

By Guest Blogger Becka Levin, GIC


This week we will feature a very non-traditional ingredient…drum roll please: water! Good old H20 is an oft-forgotten staple of our diets.  Consuming enough water is essential to healthy living and directly contributes to good health – perhaps even more than any of the other ingredients we’ve previously covered.


So you know you need water to survive, but how can it help your diet? When you feel hungry, you may actually just be thirsty. Drinking enough water can both help keep you feeling good and get you back on track after overindulging. Since we are in the midst of the crazy holiday season, here are some easy ways to help you stay healthy with a zero-calorie ingredient.

Recipe For Success



  1. Start off every day with a glass of water. Before your daily cup of coffee, toast, or even before you let the dog out, try to get in the habit of drinking one glass of water as the very first thing you do every day.
  2. If you find yourself getting hungry, drink a glass of water instead of immediately reaching for a snack. Wait ten or fifteen minutes, and if you’re still hungry, then get yourself something healthy to eat!
  3. If you are headed to a holiday party and are likely to indulge in alcoholic beverages, do yourself a favor and alternate each glass of wine or beer with a glass of water. If you have a habitual soda or juice habit, try to employ the same one-for-one rationale.

 Just using these as a starting point is an easy way to make healthy decisions, especially during this busy time of year!


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