AGO Bikes to Work. Do You?


From L-R: Peter Downing, Helen Hood, Wendoly Langlois, Tom O’Brien, Tiffany Bartz, Will Matlack, and Courtney Aladro

Are you looking for a way to fit exercise into your day without taking time away from your busy schedule?  If so, you may want to try following the lead of a group of intrepid employees at the Attorney General’s Office by biking to work.

Every day, over half a dozen AGO employees get to their offices in Boston’s Saltonstall Building by biking.  Their commutes range from 2-11 miles, and all agree that biking is their preferred method of transportation for several reasons:  it’s cost-effective (no need to pay for parking or public transportation), often faster than driving or taking the T, a great way to de-stress before and after work, and most importantly, it kills two birds with one stone by fitting exercise into a necessary part of their day – getting to work.  Many of the riders are working parents who find it hard to fit physical activity into their already busy schedules, so biking to work is the most efficient way to get a workout in.  The bikers can also feel free to work up as much of a sweat as they want during their commute, as the Saltonstall Building is a green building with men’s and women’s locker rooms complete with showers.   The building also has an indoor bike room, so riders can store their bikes in a safe, warm place.

When asked how their biking group got started, all riders immediately pointed to Assistant Attorney General Tom O’Brien.  Tom has been an avid biker for years, and encouraged his coworkers to join him in biking to work each day.  Almost every division of the Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau has staff members who commute to work by bike – one of whom was actually scheduled to give birth yesterday, and is still actively biking!  Several riders have challenged each other to see if they can keep biking to work throughout the winter, proving that exercise knows no season.

As the employees of the Attorney General’s Office prove, biking to work can be an easy way to fit exercise into your busy day.  I encourage you to choose biking or another alternative way (like walking) to commute to work, at least one day a week.  Who knows – you may enjoy it so much that you’ll make it part of your daily routine!


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