Food Day is Coming – How Will You Celebrate?

Yesterday, I, along with over twenty WellMASS Wellness Champions, had the opportunity to participate in another round of tours of the Ashburton Cafe.  As usual, the cafe’s nutritionist, Carole Grandon Harris, provided an abundance of useful and eye-opening information, and I believe every participant – myself included – left the tour thinking about food and our eating habits in a slightly different way.  During one of the tours, Carole mentioned an initiative with which I was not familiar – but wanted to learn more about – called Food Day.   This “holiday,” which occurs every year on October 24, was created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to strengthen the food community and our nation’s food policies by encouraging more people to start thinking about the health value and sustainability of the foods they eat.  One of the priorities of Food Day is to promote safe, healthier diets,  and this year, the Department of Public Health is encouraging people and communities throughout Massachusetts to participate in this day in celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.

DPH has put out a flyer to encourage Mass in Motion communities to participate in this day, and some of the suggestions the flyer provides can be replicated at your agency/worksite or in your everyday life.  They include:

  • Work with a local store or restaurant to provide healthy cooking demonstrations or food tastings – Arranging for a chef or vendor to come into your worksite may not be an easy task, but it’s certainly possible to eat lunch at a local restaurant that serves fresh, healthy food.
  • Spotlight local farmers’ markets and the fresh, local, healthy goods they sell – Find a nearby farmers’ market and buy your weekly produce there, instead of at the supermarket.
  • Combine resources with other nearby entities that also promote healthy eating – Find a few coworkers who also share your passion for healthy eating, and arrange a healthy potluck lunch.

Whether or not you choose one of the above suggestions to celebrate Food Day, I hope the day at least gets you thinking about eating healthfully – on October 24, and for many days after!


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