Hurley Building Health Hike & Hunt

It’s all too easy to spend the entire work day inside, sitting at your desk, especially if you don’t seem to have any real reason to leave.  Thankfully, employees at the Hurley Building in Boston recently had a great excuse to step away from their desks during their lunch break and get outside and explore the city – the first ever Hurley Building Health Hike & Hunt.  Wellness Champion extraordinaire Leslie Seifried of the Department of Career Services had the excellent idea of creating a scavenger hunt of sorts that incorporated walking around one of Boston’s hilliest neighborhoods, Beacon Hill, to solve a series of clues that led to three area landmarks. 

Below are the clues the first group of Hunters had to solve – do you know where these landmarks are?

It is such a Joy to take a walk on a summer’s day, even if it is up hill.  Boston is a city filled with Heritage (African, Italian, Irish & others) and historic Trails.  Many Meetings of great importance have been held at various locations in the city.  Some historic locations are still in existence today!

Americans pride themselves on moving onward and upward.  In some cases there is conflict and differing opinions.  There’s a House in this State that’s been, and still is, a location of debate and decision making affecting us as residents of Massachusettsguiding us like a Beacon on a Hill).

Working and/or living in Boston, when the day heats up with the summer sun, sometimes we all have the same thing in Common – we just need to go down to the old Pond to cool off and maybe find a Frog or two before getting back to our busy day.

Participants were able to complete the Hunt during their lunch hour on either August 8, 9, or 10, and were instructed to take a picture of themselves at each of the three locations as proof of their participation.  In all, 16 employees, in 6 different teams, from 3 different agencies, successfully completed the Hunt in 35 minutes or less.  At a post-Hunt celebration on Monday, participants got together over some healthy snacks, and everyone in attendance raved about how much fun they had, how great it was to get some exercise (especially in the form of walking up hills!) and have an excuse to leave their desks for a little while, and how they couldn’t wait for the next Hunt.  Leslie is hard at work on putting together another Health Hike & Hunt that will hopefully take place in September, and I personally can’t wait to participate in it.  Leslie’s great idea can easily be replicated at other agencies – a Hunt can be completed during lunch time, encourages healthy behaviors during the work day (like adding extra steps – a key principle of the upcoming Step It Up! campaign), and is great for employee morale.  If you’d like to host a similar event at your worksite, please send me an email.  Thanks again to Leslie for all her hard work, and I look forward to sharing details of the next Hunt!


2 responses

  1. Thank you Ashley! Also, a special thanks to all the participants. Everyone did a great job – I’m up and down those hills every day so I appreciate the workout they squeezed into their lunch break. I enjoyed putting the clues and route together and truly look forward to rolling out the next one. I am more than happy to share materials, maps or ideas if anyone else is interested.

  2. Thank you for organizing it. We look forward to the next adventure.

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