Step It Up! is Coming

On September 4, WellMASS is launching an exciting new pedometer campaign called Step It Up! – a fun, six-week program designed to help you increase the number of steps you take each day. The goal of Step It Up! is to work toward 10,000 steps — or approximately five miles — most days of the week.  While five miles might seem like a lot, it’s important to remember that you take steps while doing everyday activities and routines, like walking to the car or subway, stopping by a co-worker’s desk to chat, and taking out the trash.  By being conscious of how many steps you take, you’ll be motivated to add more activity to your day by squeezing in extra steps whenever possible. 

Step It Up!  begins on August 20 at, and the program is open to employees of the Executive and Legislative branches and Constitutional Offices and early retirees and their spouses who are enrolled in a GIC health plan.  Step It Up!  will show participants how to:

  • Learn how to use a pedometer (all participants who register for the program will receive one for FREE)
  • Understand why aiming for 10,000 steps is important
  • Track steps and progress
  • Learn how to properly stretch before exercise
  • Discover proper walking technique
  • Gather tips to keep you motivated
  • Squeeze in extra steps whenever possible

 I’ll be providing tips on increasing physical activity, facts about the benefits of walking, and other related information in the weeks leading up to and during the campaign, so please check back often, and get ready to Step It Up!  in September!


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