EOPSS Steps It Up With Stairway Challenge


Climbing twenty flights of stairs may seem like a nightmare to some people, but several state employees proved that it was all in a day’s work when they completed the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s (EOPSS) Stairway Challenge.  Working with the WellMASS Program, EOPSS Wellness Champion Annette Powell designed a 10-week challenge that encouraged participants to start taking the stairs and walk up two additional flights each week, so that by the 10th week they were walking all the way up to the 21st floor of Boston’s McCormack Building!  Participants who followed the 10-week program were challenged to a group stairclimb on Friday, June 8th, and they were greeted with a certificate of completion, a water bottle, and some healthy snacks when they reached the “finish line” at the EOPSS offices on the 21st floor.  All participants said they would continue taking the stairs every chance they got, and were appreciative of the encouragement and support the program provided. 

As the EOPSS Stairway Challenge participants proved by incorporating stairclimbing into their daily routine, it’s not difficult to add regular physical activity into the workday.  Starting September 4, WellMASS participants will have the ability to join a state-wide pedometer campaign focused on adding more steps to their day.  Step It Up! will allow participants to track their daily steps online, create and join teams to compete against other state employees and agencies, discover creative ways to add activity to their day, and maybe even win some prizes along the way!  Be sure to visit https://wellmass.staywell.com starting on August 20 for more information on this exciting opportunity.


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  1. […] after WellMASS began, EOPSS Wellness Champion Annette Powell came to me with the idea to conduct a stairway challenge for employees in the McCormack Building.  The Challenge was a success at EOPSS, and I have been […]

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